General information

Sputnik Web is a service which opens up new opportunities in the field of online cartography:

1. Create and publish your maps

2. Unleash the full potential of your UAV with getting 3D models

3. Provide users access to your projects without extra software

Use a browser which supports WebGL to run Sputnik Web on your PC or a smartphone.

Sputnik Web can help you create different types of cartographic materials. Upload aerial photographs from your UAV, process them with Sputnik Web and get a 3D terrain model (DTM). Upload geodata (different formats available) for producing digital maps.

Sputnik Web has a different measuring instruments which you can use in order to take measurements on 3D map. Measure distances, areas and heights on the surface of the virtual globe and 3D models

We are constantly working on improving and expanding the tools and functions of Sputnik Web, so if you have any comments or suggestions we are always ready to listen and bring them to life.

Personal Data Processing Policy of Geoscan Ltd.

This personal data processing policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) is drafted in accordance with Federal Law No.152-FZ “On the Personal Data”, dated July 27, 2006 and applies to all personal data of the Users, which the administration of Geoscan Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) may obtain during their use of any of the Company’s services, software, products or the website


1.1. For the purposes of this Policy the following general definitions are used:

1.1.1. Personal data privacy – the mandatory requirement for the Company or for any other person who has an access to a personal data to protect personal data from distributing to third parties without the User’s consent unless otherwise is provided by the Law of the Russian Federation.

1.1.2. Company – Geoscan Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg, st. Shatelena 26A, 1-H, 194021)

1.1.3. Personal data processing – any action (operation) or a combination of actions (operations), conducted with or without means of automation with regard to personal data, including collection, recording, arranging, cumulating, storing, refinement (updating, changing), extracting, using, transferring (distribution, submission, access), depersonification, blocking, deletion, and destruction of personal data;

1.1.4. Personal data – any information directly or indirectly related to a specific or specifiable individual (subject of personal data);

1.1.5. User – an individual who accesses contents and services of the Website/ an individual who buys (intends to buy) software or products of the Company.

1.1.6. Website – site of the Company,

1.1.7. Cookies – a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on the User’s computer as a file which is sent each time to the web server in the HTTP-request when the User tries to open the relevant page of the site.


2.1. Usage of the Company’s Website by User means his acceptance of this Policy and the terms of User data processing.

2.2. If the User does not agree to the Website usage Policy he must close the Website.

2.3. The Company does not control and is not responsible for third-party websites, which have links available on the Company's Website.

2.4. The company does not verify the authenticity of the personal data provided by the User on the Website.


3.1. This Policy establishes the obligations of the Company not to disclosure User's personal data and protect the Privacy of personal data, which is provided by User when he fills in an application form for getting an information about Company's products or places purchase orders.

3.2. Personal data which is allowed to be proceed within the framework of this Policy is provided by the User by filling in the registration forms on the Website, which may include the following information:

3.2.1. username;

3.2.2. Phone number of a personal data User;

3.2.3. E-mail of a personal data User;

3.2.4. Name of represented company.

3.3. In most web browsers cookies are enabled by default. Typically, the users can delete cookies and prohibit their use for various sites on their choice. Based on information stored in the cookies Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, the partners of the Company, count the statistics of visits, analyze and personalize advertisements. Cookies are intended to improve the work of the Website, make its use much more efficient and convenient. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

3.3.1. to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

3.3.2. to be able to analyze the popularity and attendance of the Website;

3.3.3. to be able to quickly adjust the Website's capabilities to the needs of visitors.

Information about the User’s personal data processed by Google is available here:

Information about the User’s personal data processed by Yandex is available here:


4.1. User’s personal data can be used for following purposes:

4.1.1. Establishing a feedback with the User, including sending notifications, requests concerning the use of the Site, rendering services, getting and processing requests and applications from the User

4.1.2. User identification for the purpose of placing an order and (or) entering into a sales contract.

4.1.3. Providing the User access to personalized services of the Website.

4.1.4. Confirmation of the authenticity and completeness of the personal data provided by the User.

4.1.5. Sending the User of the Website a notification about the status of the order, placed in online-store.

4.1.6. Providing the User an effective client and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Website.

4.1.7. Providing the User with his consent product updates, special offers, information on prices, newsletters and other information on behalf of the Company or on behalf of the Company's partners.

4.1.8. Advertising after getting the User's consent.

4.1.9. Providing the User access to the websites, services and online-stores of the partners in order to obtain products, updates and services.


5.1. User personal data processing is being carried out without the term limitation by any lawful method, including the information systems of personal data with both using automated processing and without using it.

5.2. The User agrees that the Company has the right to transfer personal data to third parties like courier services, postal organizations, telecommunications operators solely for the purpose of fulfilling the User's order that was placed on the Website and also for delivering the order.

5.3. User Personal data can be distributed to the third parties authorized by legislation of Russian Federation only by decision of the authorities of Russian Federation.

5.4. When processing personal data, the Company must make the required legal, organizational and technical arrangements in order to protect personal data from unauthorized, illegal or random access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, submission, distribution and other unlawful actions by third parties.

5.5. The Company and the User take all the necessary measures to prevent losses or other negative consequences caused by the loss or disclosure of the User personal data.


6.1. The User must:

6.1.1. Provide the information about the personal data necessary in order to use the Website.

6.1.2. Update, supplement the provided information about personal data in case of this information has changed.

6.2. The Company must:

6.2.1. To use the received data solely for the purposes mentioned in P. 4 of the Policy.

6.2.2. To guarantee that keeping data will remain confidential. Do not distribute the personal data without the User’s consent and do not sale, exchange, publish or disclose in other possible ways the User personal data.

6.2.3. To take precautions to protect the User personal data in accordance with the procedure which is usually used to protect such information in the existing business practice.

6.2.4. To block personal data that is referred to the particular User since the moment of the request sent by the User, by his legal representative or by organization empowered to defend the personal data User’s rights for the period of inspection; to block personal data if there some unauthentic information were revealed or illegal acts were made.

7. Constraints

7.1. Using the Service, user not have right to:

7.1.1. Change initial view of a map

7.1.2. Combine, supplement, modify, remove or hide logos that are displayed on the map. The logos should be fully and clearly visible, full or partial overlay of logos is prohibited

7.1.3. To change decompile and\or modify the Service code.

7.1.4. Use the Service to create sites\application that violate Russian Federation law or other applicable law, the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

7.1.5. In case of non-observance or partial non-observance of current rules, the Administration reserves the right to remove, suspend service for the user of the violated rule without prior notification.


8.1 The Company reserves the right to amend this Policy without the consent of the User.

8.2. The new version of Privacy Policy comes into the force from the moment of its posting on the Website unless otherwise is provided by a new version of the Privacy Policy.

Approved on 31.05.17



1.1. This end-user agreement (the Agreement) governs your relations with Geoscan Ltd., the proprietor of the service available at (the Service, Site), and with the Administration of the Service, pertaining to the use of the Service.

Your use of the Service implies that you fully understand and agree to the terms of use of the Service described herein. Therefore, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with this Agreement.

If you do not give consent to the terms of this Agreement, please refrain from using the Service and leave it immediately.

If you have any questions about the use of the Service, please contact the Administration of the Service.

1.2. The following words and expressions in this Agreement shall have the following meaning:

1.2.1. Administration of the Service: employees or an organization authorized by the Proprietor to manage the Service.

1.2.2. Materials: any materials (geospatial data) uploaded to the Service by the User, the User’s data being processed by the Service, and the 3D Models.

1.2.3. 3D Model: a three-dimensional model of the geospatial data produced by the Service as a result of processing the Materials.

1.2.4. User of the Service: a person or a legal entity that accesses the Service via Internet and uses the Service.

1.2.5. Proprietor of the Service: Geoscan Ltd., the sole owner of all the rights to the Service.

1.2.6. Service (the multi-dimensional geospatial data visualization system): a copyright-protected server-based 3D cartographic application for viewing, editing and creating 3D models, available at, that operates through an Internet site and associated services.

1.2.7. Content of the Service: any information contained within the Service, including textual, photographic and video materials, the Materials, 3D Models (regardless of whether they constitute copyright-protected items), the user interfaces, design, structure, selection, coordination, overall look and style of the Service.

1.3. Administration of the Service reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time without notification.

Continued use of the Site by the User implies his/her consent to the terms of this Agreement including any changes hereto.

User is personally responsible to check this Agreement for any changes.


Modes of Use of the Service

2.1. The Service can be used by the User in three distinct modes, namely view, free-of-charge and commercial.

2.2. To use the Service in a free-of-charge or commercial mode, the User must undergo registration to be issued a unique account. In some cases an account can be provided by Administration of the Service.

User Registration and Account Usage

2.3. Any User has a right to use only one account. A User will be held liable for the breach of this term according to this Agreement and applicable law.

2.4. For the purpose of registration, the User shall present complete and accurate responses to the questions in the registration form, and keep them up to date.

2.5. Administration of the Service can at any time request the User to confirm the data given during registration, by presenting confirmation documents (such as personal identity documents). Failure to present such documents can be, at Administration’s discretion, regarded as misrepresentation and lead to banning the User from using his/her account and the Service.

2.6. Inconsistency between the documents presented by the User and data entered during registration, as well as impossibility to identify the User from the registration data, gives Administration the right to ban the User from using his/her account and the Service.

2.7. During registration, User selects a desirable login (a unique account name) and a password to access the account. If the password is provided by Administration of the Service, User shall change it after first successful login. Administration of the Service has a right to deny usage of certain login names, as well as impose certain limitations on login and password (such as length, valid characters etc.)

2.8. User shall not convey the access to his/her account to third parties (such as by disclosing login and password), and shall inform Administration of the Service immediately about any unauthorized access to the Service using his/her account, as well as about any known or suspected compromise of the account credentials.

2.9. User’s personal data associated with the User’s account is stored and processed by Administration of the Service in accordance with the Privacy policy.

2.10. Hereinafter, restriction (termination etc.) of User’s access to the Service implies, among other things, restriction (termination etc. as applicable) of User’s access to his/her account.


General Terms of Use of the Service

3.1. Regardless of the mode of use of the Service, User shall:

3.1.1. Use the Service only for its intended purpose for uploading, processing and publishing of Materials that do not violate any rights or existing legislation of Russian Federation, including Russian Law No. 5485-1 of July 21, 1993, “On State Secrets”, Federal Law No. 149-FZ of July 27, 2006, “On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information”, Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On Personal Data” (refrain from placing home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport details and images of any third persons on the Service without their personal consent), articles 152.1, 152.2 of Civil Code of Russia, and other applicable regulations of Russian Federation and other countries.

3.1.2. Upload, process and publish only the Materials for which the User has the right to do so. Uploading, processing and publication of Materials by the User constitutes his/her guarantee that the unencumbered rights to such Materials belong to the User, that the use of such Materials is at User’s sole discretion, and that the use of Materials constituted by their upload and processing by Proprietor and Administration of the Service does not violate material, personal property or intellectual rights of third parties.

If a relevant copyright holder issues a substantiated complaint about the breach of their lawful rights, Administration has a right to use the remedies specified in item 2.3 of the Agreement against the offending party.

3.1.3. Not use the Service in any way that can interfere with its normal operation, such as by uploading any data containing or possibly containing viruses and other harmful programs.

3.1.4. Not use any automated scripts (programs) to collect data and/or communicate with the Service and its sub-services, except the scripts available for download on the Service itself.

3.1.5. Not upload, publish, transfer or disclose in any other way (hereinafter, place) any information threating, discrediting or offending other Users or third parties, as well as any information that is vulgar, obscene or fraudulent, infringing personal or public interests, promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or dissent, or any other information violating legal rights of a person or citizen.

3.1.6. Not describe or promote criminal activity, not place any guidance or instructions on criminal acts.

3.1.7. Not advertise in any way (e. g. by placing photographs or produced models that contain advertisement) any products or goods, means of identification of any legal entity and/or good, producer or vendor, results of intellectual activity or events (including sports events, concerts, festivals, risk-based games, wagering) without express consent of Administration of the Service.

3.1.8. Not place any business proposals, propaganda materials, pyramid investment schemes or appeals, any other intrusive information, without express consent of Administration.

3.1.9. Not use the Service or its Content in any way not authorized by this Agreement.

3.2. Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion:

3.2.1. To check, modify (moderate) or delete any Materials or other information uploaded, processed or published by the User in violation of this Agreement, suspend, restrict or terminate User’s access to the Service or a part hereof, if it deems that User constitutes a threat to the Service and/or other Users or third parties, or violates their rights. In such a case, neither Proprietor nor Administration of the Service can be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the User in this regard, regardless of the mode of use of the Service.

3.2.2. To suspend, restrict or terminate User’s access to any or all parts of the Service at any time by any reason (or without giving any reasons), with or without preliminary notice, and not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the User in this regard.

If the User uses the Service in commercial mode and his/her access to the Service is suspended, restricted or terminated under this clause, the User can be reimbursed for the unused part of the prepayment for use of the Service.

3.3. By placing his/her Materials on the Service, the User gives consent to copy his/her content for backup and storage purposes.

3.4. When Materials are deleted from the Service, the Proprietor retains the rights granted to Proprietor by the User. Administration of the Service has a right to keep the backup copies of the User’s content.

3.5. To send the User notifications and information pertaining to the use of the Service.

Free-of-charge Use of the Service

3.6. The Proprietor allows limited unpaid access to the Service for testing purposes. The User can use the Service free of charge to the following extent:

3.6.1. The User can test the functional capabilities of the Service, including viewing the Materials.

3.6.2. The User can use the Materials obtained from the Service only for personal non-commercial purposes.

3.6.3. Upload of User’s Materials to the Service, as well as creation of Materials using the Service, gives the Proprietor exclusive right to use the aforementioned Materials within the limits stipulated below. Proprietor can use the Materials at its discretion for any legal purposes, including commercial use, or give similar rights to third parties, including but not limited to viewing, reproduction, copying, editing Materials or a part thereof, public performance, conversion, translation and distribution, for Service-related purposes, including promotion of the Service. In pursuit of these goals, Administration is entitled to produce derived materials, including 3D Models, and include the obtained materials in corresponding collections, as well as perform other relevant activities.

Commercial Use of the Service

3.7. Commercial use of the Service is a use on a fee basis, and is subject to the following conditions:

3.7.1. The User can use the Service according to its functional capabilities, i. e. view, create, process and publish Materials.

3.7.2. The data obtained by using the Service in commercial mode is proprietary to the User. It can be used by the User by any means and for any purposes not violating the existing legislation of Russian Federation and other countries.

3.7.3. Disk space allocation is limited by the pricing plan paid by the User.

3.7.4. By publishing the Materials for public access, the User grants the Proprietor the rights to the Materials as provided by item 3.6.3 herein. Said rights cannot be unilaterally revoked by the User.


4.1. Any and all liability for improper use of Materials uploaded by User to the Service, including liability under Russian Law No. 5485-1 of July 21, 1993 “On State Secrets”, Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On Personal Data” and other applicable laws and regulations of Russia and other countries, lies solely with the User uploading or producing such Materials.

4.2. The User uploading or producing Materials is liable for any actual or possible breach of material, personal property, exclusive or other rights of third parties arising from the use of such Materials.

4.3. The Proprietor and Administration of the Service are not liable for any injury, damage or loss of profit incurred by the User as a result of using the Service.

4.4. By using the Materials uploaded or produced by the User within the rights granted by the User under this Agreement, the Proprietor and Administration of the Service implies that the use and circulation of such Materials is legal and lawful.

4.5. The User is fully responsible for security of his/her account credentials (login and password), and for keeping them confidential. The User is fully responsible for any actions performed on the Service using his/her account.

4.6. In case of breach of item 2.3 of this Agreement by the User, Administration of the Service or the Proprietor has a right to block (delete, terminate) all User’s accounts, and claim compensation for any damages or unjust enrichment arising from said breach.

4.7. Administration of the Service and the Proprietor do not give any guarantees regarding the Service except provided by these or additional conditions and policies. In particular, they undertake no commitments in regard of contents of the Service, its functional capabilities, reliability, availability or fitness for User’s purposes. The Service is provided “as is”. Legislation of some countries provides guarantees of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and absence of copyright violation. Except as provided by the law, the Administration disclaims any implied guarantees.

4.8. The User can use any information or materials he/she gains access to via the Service at his/her own risk. The User is fully responsible for any consequences of use of such information or materials, including any harm to User’s computer and third parties, loss of data etc.

4.9. Administration of the Service and Proprietor are not liable for any kind of damages arising from the use of the Service or any part thereof by the User.

4.10. In any circumstances, the liability of Administration of the Service and Proprietor under article 15 of Civil Code of Russia, in case of its fault, is limited to 100 (one hundred) Russian rubles.


5.1. Any objects accessible via the Service, including design elements, text, graphical images, illustrations, video, computer programs, databases, as well as any Materials placed in the Service (hereinafter, Content of the Service) constitute exclusive property of the Proprietor, Users and other parties.

5.2. Content of the Service can be used only by means of functional capabilities of the Service. Nothing in the Content of the Service can be used in any other way without prior consent of the holder of the rights.

5.3. User can use the parts of the Content of the Service, as well as any content, for personal non-commercial purposes, provided that the content retains, without any alteration, all copyright symbols, trademarks and other authorship attributes, name (pen name) of the author or designation of copyright holder, and that the content itself in not modified in any way.


6.1. A link to any site, product, service or information, commercial or otherwise, present on the Service, does not constitute an endorsement of such products or services by the Administration of the Service.

6.2. This Agreement is construed and governed according to the laws of Russian Federation. Any issues not covered by this Agreement shall be settles according to the laws of Russian Federation in the Proprietor’s jurisdiction.

6.3. This Web site uses Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc.


Sputnik Web is a service which opens up new opportunities in the field of online cartography: Create and publish your maps, Unleash the full potential of your UAV with getting 3D models, Provide users access to your projects without extra software. Use a browser which supports WebGL to run Sputnik Web on your PC or a smartphone.

For more details about WebGL follow the link: WebGL

Test your browser for WebGL compatibility here. If the picture is displayed correctly then you can continue.

At the moment WebGL is included in the package of browser tools on most known devices.

Sign up

Follow the link to sign up

Fill in all necessary fields and confirm your Email.

After you finish registration you can start using Sputnik Web.

Most of the basic functions are available in a free version. Additional features available to tariff plans subscribers. Tariffs information available to authorized users in the menu

Upload a data

Upload a layer

Layer – graphical representation of geodata in a specific format (set of aerial photographs, a single georeferenced image or digital terrain model (DTM), following file formats: CZML, KML, KMZ, SHP, TLS).

In order to upload a layer select the appropriate menu section, named "Upload layer". Choose a file format, edit the layer name and select the required files.

Attention! If files are do not meet the necessary requirements or exceed the hosting quota the layer will not be loaded.

After the upload is finished you will be redirected to the "My Layers" page. The main content of the page is the list of uploaded layers.

In order to upload a new layer select a button “Upload layer”.

There are operations which are available for each layer: download , rename , delete .

To display a layer on the surface of a virtual globe click on its name in the list.

Create location

In order to create a location you need to select the appropriate menu section, called "Create location", fill in all required fields. After the location is created you will be redirected to the page “Edit location”.

Edit location

On “Edit location” page you can edit the name and description, manage access to the location, add/upload layers, upload attachments. In order to delete layer or attachments click the button “Delete”.

In order to manage the access, please find the appropriate section "Access rights" on "Edit location" page. If you select “Custom access” the extra field will open where you need to enter login or username of a person to whom you want to provide an access. Select “Save changes”.

Upload attachment function is necessary for displaying files in the location. In order to upload an attachment, please select section “Attachments” on page of Edit Location. Select a required file and upload it. Then, when you open a location expand a side menu.

You always can see the list of attachments and download required files.


Sputnik Web is able to create 3D model of terrain, building or other object using your photographs. The cost of using the service consists of two components:

  • Hosting. Disk space required to store primary data, processed or downloaded models. You can buy an additional amount of disk space according to tariff plan.
  • Gigapixels (GPix). Gigapixels are calculated by following formula: ((Length Px * Width Px) / 1 000 000) * Number of photos) / 1000 = GPix


You have 100 photos with resolution of 4600 х 3448.

(4600 * 3448) / 1 000 000 =15,8 Мpx

(15,8 * 100) / 1000 = 1,58 GPx

Taking into account these two parameters you are able to estimate the necessary tariff plan. Tariffs information available to authorized users in the menu

It is noteworthy that if there is a certain amount of GPix on your account, a part of them will be written off after a project processing (according to calculations).

Image processing and creating 3D-model

In order to process images you need to visit a page “3D reconstruction”.

Enter reconstruction name and description and move to the next page.

You need to select photos for reconstruction. Photos which do not meet the requirements can be excluded from the reconstruction list.

After files are selected and uploaded, photos are being reconciled with requirements. If something goes wrong the system will notify you.

After validation is finished the photos can be sent for processing.

This process takes some time and depends on the number of photos and the complexity of the project.

After processing is finished you can select a tab “Location” or “Layer” and see the assembled model as a result.

Sputnik Web Tools

If a location or layer is opened you can observe created model as a result of reconstruction or as a previously uploaded one.

The main instruments are located on the toolbar

In order to select a cartographic coverage, click the requirement element

Switch the type of cartographic coverage, it will be changed according to the choice.

In order to tilt camera in nadir-pointing mode click the icon “Camera tilt”

In order to get the code for embedding your model or orthophoto on your site, you need to click the icon “HTML For embedding“.

In an opened dialog window select required embedding parameters.

After that you can select a text in the lower text block and paste it into the code of your page which is supposed to display the model.

In order to display or to hide layers in a given location select “Layer display mode”.

After that you need to mark or remove the checkmarks from the layers in an opened dialog window.

In order to measure the model size, use the “Ruler tool”

Simply click once on one point on a map, then click again on the second point. The real distance between the points should then be displayed.

At least three points are needed to calculate the area.

Select icon “Land area calculator”. Click multiple times on the map to define an area.

Use a double click on a model to up and down a model. In this window, you allow to change opacity of a model.